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Javea Map - a detailed map of Javea

This map of Javea shows the main villa areas - Tosalet, Rafalet, Pinosol, Montgo, Lluca, Javea Golf Club and so on. I looked everywhere for a decent map and couldn't find one so knocked this one up. Map of Javea showing villa areas - Tosalet, Rafalet, Montgo, Lluca, Toscamar, Pinosol, Tesoro Parc, Costa Nova, Arenal, Parador I know it's not perfect but the best I could do. The idea is to give you a general idea where the villas are. They are all really within a 5 minute drive of the beach, the Arenal. It may talke a few seconds to download because it is a largeish file.
Beneath the map is a description of the location of the villas in Javea we offer by area with links to the villas.

Javea is mainly divided into three areas and you will probably spend some time in each - the Old Town, the Port and the Arenal.

The old town is where you will find the main church, the indoor market (well worth a visit for fresh fruit, meat and fish)(and nearby, just going down an arched staircase there is a fantastic tapas bar), lots of shops in the narrow streets and some decent and decently priced restaurants.

The Port is nice for a stroll - a really well pedestrianised promenade, the restaurants on the front will do sandwich mixtos for the kids at breakfast/lunchtime - especially El Posito next to the Tourist Information Office - chilled glasses of beer for the adults, a great bookshop - Pollys - and of course the harbour where you can see the catch come in.

The Arenal is the main beach, very gentle and flat, a great row of restaurants and bars (see Los Remos in my Javea Restaurant Review page) and lots of activity including street traders and street artists in the evenings.



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