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Javea Restaurants review with contact phone numbers. The Javea Restauarant Review list is not exhaustive - it's just some places I go.  The opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. You may agree - you may not but it's better to be honest isn't it! I'd love to hear your opinions and recommendations - so go to the contact us page and put it in the comments section - I'll credit you here. For Javea Vegetarian Restaurants click here..

  Name   Amare 152   Tel   96 5790629
  Style   Modern Spanish   Parking   Yes
  Location   Near the Arenal   Dress   Smartish
Unusual but lovely setting. It is hard to find at first but just follow the directions below. It looks like it is overwhelmed by the Apartment Blocks aJavea Restaurant Amare 152bove it but when you arrive you find that it actually feels very airy. Sit on the terraza and watch the little boats pooter in and dock just 30 metres away. Admire the beau monde arrive - this is a Restaurant where the smartest locals eat as well as tourists on elastic budgets.
The food is modern Spanish - a lot of rice dishes but very good seafood and some fantastic starters - the foie gras here is the best I have ever had - apart from in the Puente Romano in Marbella but that's another story.
Can you take the kids? Of course you can but as with all good Restaurants all you need to do is to have them sit at the table and not run around - sorry if I am teaching anyone to suck eggs. They'll do Spaghetti Bolognese,Chicken Breasts etc. Overall a really elegant night out - excellent food and wineand Amare 152 Javeareally you are only paying maybe 10-15% more than a mediocre Restaurant so my advice is barbie for an extra night and use your savings here!

Suggestions: Go Monday to Thursday and take advantage of the evening Menu Option. This is like a Turkish style where they bring you selection after selection of appetisers and they are the best part of the meal -truly delicious.

Directions: Driving from the Port, past the Parador, first right at the roundabout, first right again and you should see it below the apartment blocks - just by the boating quays.

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  Name Los Remos   Tel 96 647 0776
  Style Modern Spanish  Parking Arenal Parking
 Location Arenal   Dress Smartish
Los Remos Javea picOK I confess - my favourite Restaurant. Exceptional service and food - truly outstanding. I'll translate some of the Starters tho it makes them sound less than they are: Scrambled Eggs with Prawns and Mushrooms, the best Gazpacho with excellent guarnicion, Croquettes of Ham and Cheese, Melon with Serrano Ham, tremendous Fish Soup. Main courses - lots of fish - their speciality - especially good is the Prawns in Armanac - enormous Prawns in a rich brandy Sauce served with rice in the skillet in which they are cooked, and meat eaters are not disappointed - Ostrich in a Plum Sauce, Skeweres of Chicken in a Curry Sauce etc. Large terrace but my advice is to book a table inside where they have good aircon and watch the sun go down over the Montgo through the enormous windows. Watch out for Terry Venables - it's his favourite Restaurant too. Los Remos Javea exterior pic

Suggestions: Any night of the week is great. They seem to have two busy periods - early evening (tourists) and 10-11pm onwards the arrival of the Spaniards! It's a great evening out and has a large and varied menu. Kids menu is excellent too - not chicken nuggets - but chicken breast, steak (do ask for it burnt or it will be rare for the kids), spaghetti  bolognese etc.

Directions: Couldn't be easier - opposite end of the beach to the Parador

  Name Masena   Tel 96 579 37 64
  Style International  Parking Yes
 Location On road to Benitachell   Dress Smart or Casual - all Diners are villa dwellers
I first dined in this Masena Javearestaurant a couple of years ago and it is not very very popularyou will have to book in advance! It has a cachment area of loads of posh Villas so it's got an affluent crowd who visit but it is still quite relaxed.

The food can't be faulted and the service can be good. Best dish - the Curried Grilled King Prawns - hey I'm not a fan of curry really Masena restaurant Javeabut it is so sweet and rich - mhhmm. Good menu for kids, good menu for adults - lots of rice dishes and kebabs. Little play area for the kids tho I always find one you let them leave the table you struggle to get them back! The interior is air conditioned which in the very warm August evenings can be a real blessing.

Especially good in the Winter months when they close the terrace and you dine inside the rustic (must be 18th C) interior.

It is good and very popular. Same price as Los Remos.

Directions: Head out of town towards Benitachell. It's just beyond the Il Giardionio Restaurant which I am about to slate!

  Name Al Giardinho   Tel 96 646 1658
  Style Guess!  Yes - Italian  Parking Yes
 Location On road to Benitachell   Dress Smart or Casual - all Diners are villa dwellers
This Al Giardino Javeais set in a Garden with the Villa being the Bar and Kitchen. It looks great.  Some people love this place. The food is good. Sometimes the service is good. And sometimes you should count yourself damned lucky to be allowed in. I have had some good meals there and I do keep trying it because the kids love Italian and the food really is pretty good when you fancy a change from fish/steak/rice menus.

And the setting is lovely - tho wear insect repellent - you have been warned! But sometimes the attitude there really is wrong. I won't go on. Let me know if you feel differently.

Directions: Either: drive past the tennis club towards the Mercadona, past Barclays, turn right, follow the road for 2 km and you're there - or head out of town as if going to the airport.
  Name Las Brisas   Tel 96 5794709
  Style International  Parking Yes
 Location Road to Jesus Pobre   Dress Smart or Casual - all Diners are villa dwellers
Well, the food is very good and there is something for everyone. And a decent kids menu - chicken nuggets etc.Adults - something for everyone - starters - black pudding on bubble and squeak with a light mustard drizzle - that gives you an idea. Decent fish and good meat options. OK - so why sound so half hearted?
True you won't meet any Spanish here but the food IS good though the bill is almost as big as at Los Remos or Amare 152 and I guess going there is more of an event. However, they have a nice garden for the kids and it's fine, really fine, just not momentous. Let me know if you disagree.
  Name Posito   Tel 96 579 3063
  Style Spanish  Parking Yes - at the Port
 Location Port Promenade   Dress Whatever
Posito Restaurant Javea PortUsed to be my fave Restaurant because of their excellent maitre d but he moved on.

Service is hit and miss - can be great or challenging - depends whether you get the right waiter (really!!). The menu is the one you'll see everywhere - gazpacho, prawn cocktail, melon with ham, mains are fish (very good), or steak.

Hey it's fine. What marks it out is the chance to eat on the Promenade 20 feet from the Sea and to have the locals paseando along the Prom right by your table - it's great for people watching - and because it is on the Prom there's a feeling of space so it's a great place to eat as a family. And if the breeeze is blowing it's sooo cool.

Another point to to remember is that it is lovely in the mornings. If you fancy a really good cold beer (in a chilled glass) make this your first stop of the day. t is also good for watching the Moors and Christians festival, and the Javea Tourist Information Centre is next door.
  Name Cafe Austriaco   Tel 96 647 1004
  Style International but not cordon bleu  Parking Yes - on the Arenal
 Location Arenal Promenade   Dress Whatever
Not an event meal - but fine. Good for the kids and if you don't feel like dressing up this is ideal. Starters from deep fried camembert in orange sauce to gazpacho, mains - good fish and decent meat, Pizzas. Good for the kids and good for an I can't be bothered to cook night. Very hectic - make sure you're good at catching a waiter's eye - or just wave about but they like good turnover of tables so they're not too slow anyway.